Friday, 28 December 2012


Wednesday was on Thursday

Mr W turn in a right grumpy mood so I gave him the top yoke and a grinder....can you see what it is yet

All yokes are not the same

Standard sporty yoke sat on top of the shovel wide glide slabs

It's time to start

Reworking the shovel, I've been looking for an arrow head swingarm for the best part of 12 months been let down twice, on promises from the states, fuck it back to basics it's hard tail time, as my good friend Tim over at loveless will tell you, you need to start before the new year, so I have, first job polish the rigid frame check for cracks, all looks good, order set of Art Deco style internal fork stops in stainless for less than you could buy the stock for, strip out the front end and bang the old one in, just so I can move the shovel about, I'm going to keep it in big bits, never done it this way before, as one bike shrinks the over grows, next job attack the yokes with the only tool you need the Grinder!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sunday, 9 December 2012

It's gone all steam punk

Sat at sheffield waiting for war of the worlds to start, the new generation seems to of cashed in on the world of steam punk!