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to lead the ride at Kevs party, 60 odd mile around the nearly the best roads in Derbyshire. Some pictures dont need many words, I could write 1000s on this one but I anit going to.


Rock and Blues, with Ammo, have the greatest respective for Ammo, funny old git, but a magic man, he's been there from the start, workshop to die for and the skill to use it.


Three shires, shovel and the gate year..couple of pints and some snap at the pub, this pic is pinched from Gordys collection. Tim_dog with un_inked arms. Had some cracking years at the shires, always great atmosphere and mint bikes.

Shed T100

This is a real shed build, we only bought engine parts the rest have been robbed or made, engine has been running, points have been made from bits, front end all together. Its all the little bits bolts nuts, total loss battery system, hope to get it running and up and down the garden tomorrow night during the party, well wait and see.

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Workshops garages and sheds

D. T . Mathewson

I must have passed Mathewson's a dozen times and never stop, so I decided to give it five minutes and this is want you can see through the window the land that time forgot, wouldn't you love to have a rumage through the bits and bobs. Didnt even know to had a museum.

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Narrow is good

This is a bit yesterday today

and this is very much tomorrow today, thanks one click from

Great find pants down

Went up to see Le French today at just for chat, give us a chuck with these boxes he says, as you do I had a good look in before passing them over, I spy with my little.. a set of 70's mids with period pegs, so I put them to one side along with a couple of other nice NOS bits. Bob turns up and we are soon laughing over our European adventures and more to the point were are we going next year. Bobs drifts off, so I get my wallet out, now with mates sometimes you get it for a favour and some times you pay, if you pay you don't haggle that's the rule, if in hindsight the seller thinks it was to much then next time its a free one. If that's true then I'm in for some serious free parts !!!!! love you frenchy

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The chaddo starting crew turned up at the loveless tin shack, getting that fucking headlight off and get the jump leads, oil check, petrol check, battery check one kick two kicks fire, steady revs without a hick-cup.

Then as a face off the loveless lads decide to start the racer.............with a fucking drill!!! wats that all that about, tosers ;_)

Special guests

Legendary MZ racer (half a season) and martial arts expert (he’s got the tats to prove it) Tim_Dog and is faithful mad miller side kick Dangerous _Dave, graced Wednesday club this week. Infamous in their own village they walk the streets and footpaths at all hours with the sole intention of exercising their dogs. They bought with them the heavy weight sporty frame for another welding session. When I posted the picture of said frame on the blog last week Chris W was mortified to see the welding mark around the plugged head stock so it was rewelded along with two ex-mounting holes. While Chris was busy welding and shaping we cast an eye on the picture frame listing not only the party but memorable event that took place. In time honoured fashion we walked through them all Kent, Farmyard, Park farm barn……….the exploding beer cans, late nights, heavy sessions. The season of good will a chance to look in the mirror and clean your spanners, spring is coming quicker than you think.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Track master

Picture of the best looking Triumph from Spooky21, looks like a track master frame, look at the bracing on teh rear sub frame, drilled and black primary, high rear sets, drums all round, T100 motor?

Monday, 6 December 2010

Oh yeah

-4oC again tonight and its time to board up the workshop, I do this every year, usually after xmas, but the cold is driving me in already, it makes it all nice and warm, fully insulated and just about to fit a heat pump so less cost more heat.

More tools thanks to Jas and his dad, Jake was over the moon, it means his now got nearly all he needs, I'ave add some class tools to my chest, cheers mate
Stolen before you had to credit web sites, 4 speed tube, kicker, split heads, 21 and 18, touch of rake loving it