Saturday, 27 December 2014


A very busy picture, of which the true meaning of racing has been lost in this complex world of the internet and harsh rules, I remember a conversation with Tim and his frustration when trying to build his bikes. What's happened to the real love of riding? Has it been lost? Or just deeper underground?

If it's been lost then I'll post it with a Wanted Notice, if it's gone underground I'll make sure it stays there.

PS spending a little time looking at the tool box

Monday, 10 November 2014

Last weekend

Just love riding, it's all about the bike...........lateeeers

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Levers and belts

> Spent the morning at the national motorcycle museum with Gordie from the complexity of vintage racer to the simple lines of flat trackers it's all there

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Fwd: As magpies fight in the low autumn sun..............

But more on magpies later, this gear head season has been massive. Road trips in the low light have not taken anything from the riding in fact they have enhanced the whole experience.  The shovel never saw the road, cause I was just having so much fun on the sporty, you know that bike that I nearly sold, well actually I did sell but the deal fell through.  Best laid plans the sporty £££ was going into a rod, but hey that's the way it goes.

So now I'm left with a very poorly shovel, a cracking sporty that if I sold I could never really replace with a bike that would do the same job, for sure bmw, guzzi(nick), or a modern triumph would start on the button and go around corners, but so would a Honda.

And so to vintage racers (as above) this was the best day this year........and not a custom? bike in sight. My long and enlightening conversation the Odgie sowed a seed or two

Friday, 10 October 2014

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Hot rod drags 2014

Talked about it got the T shirt never had one......I'm in the market going to need a bigger garage !!!!

Sound of one hand clapping

Or an hour with odgie.....I spotted odgie at the trip out, with his camera in hand and again later by his tent it's then I approached him, I made no attempt to shake his hand(read the book), but he did so we started with a very friendly intro and further hour long chat over all things mechanical and ended as we do on pre units triumphs...........later that evening I spotted this baby.....doing exactly what it should.........

Now you don't see that every day

We lane split our way thro the traffic to score a spot up at Derwent water to watch the two Lancs thunder over, a sight no one will likely see again. The roads were grid locked with cars, so what I say the sporty can just rip thro the traffics oh yes it can oh no it can't? Why you ask knob heads on sports bikes, we know some of them can't ride up or down the via Gellia without being on the wrong side of the road, and likely the same ones have never or are capable of riding down the white line what the fucks that all about

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The best of of Kent customs plus rods ! Lovin it.......

Lots of French and Dutch gave it the feeling of Kent at its best, what's that you say move with the times, well I have, some things are best left unchanged and some things aint


Tripping over ever model,of harley and not a stock bike to be seen, great stories to be told, this guy is telling wack and rusty john about riding six inch over with no steering lock! What's that all about then


Friday, 12 September 2014

Tripout 2014

It's a week since the four sportys joined the gang, all the Indians and flatheads went on the Thursday, we hacked it down on the Friday, you might think this is a arty shot, well no, phone switched its self on and filmed 25 minutes of the inside of my pocket, then decided its screen would go blank, so I couldn't see what I was taking, well this picture it's framed by my finger !

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

How could you say no?

Great afternoon spent chatting to mates new and old, including Nick, who had a little teething trouble with the guzzling, resulting in me, Andy and Luke having to bump the monster, I had to remind Nick that we were trying to get his bike started no run a f**king marathon !

Monday, 18 August 2014



Not usual at Donnington (nuad)

Lovin it at ikea

Ashover show

Whacky was the only one that took up the offer,
Ben was off the road with clutch troubles,
Met with nick and Amanda,
Had fun !
The end

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Went to mfn saw some campers, whacky did what whacky does

More vw fun

This bonding sheet

has been looking after us for twenty five years, bike parties, Kent, Farm yard etc etc, family camp in England, Scotland, Wales and France, and now attached to the vw, but still doing the same thing either protecting from the sun or rain

Sunday, 13 July 2014

In the words of Nic...... A mini saga !

Eh up,great to catch up with you the other weekend.After I left you, I dropped down through Middleton and picked up the via gelia.Got stuck behind a camper van which meant I couldn't see the road ahead for any distance.All of a sudden there's a big triangle lump of limestone in the middle of the road.Fuck !,I just about managed to avoid a wipe out but hit the rock with the left hand side of my front tyre.It almost had me off but luckily managed to stay on.Half expecting for the tyre to be damaged I was waiting for a flat.Took a right turn at the holly bush pub (now closed) and rode past a farm.Liquid cow shit all over the road,splattered all over,good job I had my visor down.Got home and the tyre was ok but the bike literally shitted up.Monday and I thought I had better clean the shit off.Working my way down that's when I discovered the rock had hit the tyre,bounced off,hit the side stand mount and rattled under the sump.Breaking off a few cooling fins and chipped a load of paint off.5 minutes with the Dremel and a paint touch up and all was well.
The distributor was leaking oil where it bolts onto the engine.I noticed it wasn't quite square.In my obsession to having all the fasteners as cap-heads it was really fiddly and difficult to loosen the fasteners,but,when I did the body of the dizzy moved,throwing all the ignition timing out.I moved it back but the next day took the bike out and it was terrible.Hard to start,coughing,fluffing through the carbs and just wasn.t pulling as it was before.The only sensible solution was to remove the dizzy ,new gasket and sealant and fit hex head bolts.The hex heads would aid ignition set up ,and allow good 'purchase' to tighten them up.A trip over to Stafford to see Nigel the Guzzi guru at NBS sorted it.But it still took over an hour even for him.
Been commuting and loving it.Getting to grips with riding it.The forks move slightly in the yokes and the clutch needs a bit of a tweek but I'm back on 2 wheels ,life is a lot better.