Sunday, 28 February 2010

Strange sort of a day

Went out a pint of milk and came back two and half hours later......wizzed the xt around Derbyshire this afternoon turned around at Matlock and took the back road home. We wont be setting any records on that road this spring the ice has had a right go, breaking up the tarmac on all the good bends. Spent too long surfing looking for parts for the sporty and only found this...

Good old nikcs been busy with the old pipes I gave him from the R65

I'll let nick tell you the news in his own words................

eh up mate,loads of motivation and creation.Been busy enjoying some awesome Scutty shows.The gig at the bulls head here in the village was pure energy and drunken rock and roll chaos! a full house and Mark the landlord reckon it was his busyist night for years.Even suppassing christmas and new year put together!Last friday we were at Alfreton supporters club doing a battle of the bands thing.Absolutly ramned and like a sauna.(check it out on youtube,i attempted to film it and it turned out ok) It was a great night.I organized a mini bus to take 'the scutty crew' down.All 4 of the bands could play for half an hour,scuttys on second after a random draw to dertermine the running order.The last band are obviously at an advantage and played for an hour which was unfair and then at the end of the night when all the votes wre counted the Scuttys came third!Even the bands that won said Scuttys wre the best and all the bar staff agreed.Anyway don't want to come over all 'sour grapes' as it was a good night.The competion was to select bands to play at a do in Alfreton called party in the park.The main man involved in the event came over at the end of the night and said we can play anyway!At the end of april we are doing a bike do that the Coffin Scratchers MCC are putting on in Coalville.The festival in Ashbourne in May,third from last on the saturday night,playing above Doctor and The Medics! Quite a few other dates as well,it's all go. I have been busy on the guzzi,despite the sub artic conditions.This weekend i will assemble and fit the exhaust with your old end cans.I spent a good few hours on them.Dismantled them,gave them a good clean,cut off the tube flush with the end,drilled loads more holes and removed the baffle to replace the corroded bolt for a stainless item and refitted.Went to the place that made the exhaust for the lowrider and got them to weld a piece of tube that would slip over the balance pipe.Also got a couple of stainless clamps off them as well.Now after i have it all bolted on i need to work out a bracket to secure them to the bike,and get it welded on next week at work.We have a good tig machine and some stainless rods to complete the job.I will experiment with the internal baffle and/or wadding once the bike is up and running.Also been busy repairing the side panels.A good few hours on those as well.They will be finished middle of next week.There are about 10 more jobs to do and then it's just a matter of getting it running right!!!! Been thinking seriously of breaking the lowrider and using the frame to house a sportster with a sprung seat etc.If i can't sell it by the end of this summer that is the way it may go.Lets face it to get a rigid frame made costs serious money,and the lowrider frame has great lines.Ok mate,i'll send more photos and report soon.Oh yeah i love the blogs,keep up the good work.The Wrench Monkeys one is the buisness!laters.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Farm Yard parties

The Farm Yard parties always attracted the best Northern chops and street fighters, real bikes built by MAG members. These pictures were at the famous FP site with the rough track down to the valley bottom. One year me and Mr Wheeler set off early Friday and arrived mid morning and found our selves first in the valley, it went down hill from there!

Chilling after a post ride full veggie breakfast blow out, iconic ABK art on display...the force ten...Trianga's.......BMW......FXR............................bonding sheets

Playing rugby with night sticks at 3.30 in the morning waiting for the sun

Triumph flat tracker just to prove that they haven't been invented in the last 5 years

Tea and sun in the yard

Monday, 15 February 2010

Balance the scales

The cool looking black risers are heavy steel and the glam chrome ones are shorter ally, guess which ones I'm going to use?

Saturday, 13 February 2010

96' a good year

From the Midlands chopper club parties to kent we rode, those mid 90's years were some of the best, the whole of the summers we spent riding every weekend away, the girls and the new borns genuinely happy on their own at home, the lads got really close we rode knowing every move, twitch, every peel to over take on those long motorway rides, flicking out your arse one two three sometimes four, last man pulls out so those in front can over take, staying in formation, stopping for tea in silence we stand no need for words

Its strange so you might think? Tim-Dog asked me , well told me really to get my arse in gear and put some photos on the blog, I've taken 35mm for years starting in the late 80's never trying to take a picture always trying to capture a moment nothing we do comes in a box and it never comes with instructions....always trying to capture the thoughts of friends...good friends... chatting over a beer and a smoke....... like minded bikes serve as our pushing each others boundaries.....helping the birthday boy out of his clothes and into his tent......laying in your sleeping bag sipping tea eating chocolate and laughing.......laughing to the sound of carrier bags......laughing about sweds with snakes....just laughing.....long moments of need for words.....riding like you're close..not a care in the world......for those moments ......

Thursday, 11 February 2010

It may not seem like much but what a pain, it seems like we are up against it, TD + dangerous have their work cut out over at loveless, we are thinking about a ally oil tank but cant just get the right look dont say we have to put the standard tank back in, no no. Anyway I got my new car today a Prius who needs brakes...........I anit stopping for nobody baby..... sports mode all the the wall

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Newark autojumble? donington market!

Went to Newark A/J today bought 4 bolts it was more like a market CRAP

Did meet up the Chris who was after bits for his 500, he bought an oil can!

So came home and finished off the yokes nice..........

Saturday, 6 February 2010

that look

Had to go to Kevs again today last night was a spacer for the front disc so that caliper misses the wheel!!! head so full of seats I forgot to get a dust cap for the bottom head stock bearing, we turn up and there is a Virgo outside we were greeted hi boys just talking about the Belgium trip laughs all round, newbie a bit quite standing outside he wants bars cut down rear guard bits matt black, what about satin yeah not too much the man has style......the far away look

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The place where the crazies live

I went off to the Loveless shed last night, sporty bits in the boot, two false starts saw me there on Monday night, no problem. Me and T_D were soon joined by Dangerous_D. The state of place...every available spaced rammed with MZ racing or standard bits, between the sporty and the duke, sporty and the miller just mad. What a state! I'm a man of chaos which of cause I believe we will all be delivered into order, not sure that I want to be in the world of total order. But collecting and bagging ally swarf like that has to be some sort of mania!!!! They have seen the other side and there is no going back. laters