Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pistons and Props 2015

Me, Mandy and Gordie took the trip to P&P, after last year to was a must do show. It didn't quite meet last years standard but still enjoyed by can you go wrong the English tea and spitfires What!!!

P&P 2015

TT winners Velo....

P&P 2015

If we had a larger garage..........

P&P 2015

More rods and VWs this year not seen this before

Pistons and props 2015

No where near as many aircraft as last year but enough to put a big smile on Gordie's face

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Turn the corner at Goodwood

And this is what you can see, period dance, cars, bikes and people

This is what makes Goodwood so different

SU's prototyping workshop, showing development and test equipment !

Skinners Union drawing office at Goodwood

What's outside your local Goodwood store

Goodwood pits

Just too much to take in, JAP single cylinder single seater racer, looked like a 350 with Fat long barrel, 500?

Goodwood bike park

Tribsa - you can park bikes and suitable cars in the looking field and the best bit is you don't even need to pay to see this lot

Goodwood the detail

Dog bones Flanders bars on the rigid Norton