Monday, 31 May 2010

See he can take a good photo

"barse on his punk-rock shovelhead" you got that right this is a bastard 3 weeks of digging parts out yeah i'm pleased apart from the rear guard, pipes and front end its about sorted

Tea at the loveless shed then off to MFN, were we bump into midnight and his crash story not nice he nearly lost his leg but alls better now and back on his hardtail next week good on you mate the beers will be flowing this summer

MFN produced this beaut

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Plants rule

Deep in the centre of the city, man moves on, art reclaims and plants finish the transformation

Jims race triumph number crossed to validate the insurance


Saturday, 29 May 2010

dig deep

and you see all, gordie in the back ground, tim_dog showing loveless T chatting to dangerous and on that shiny radius me chilling in the chair, thanks lads just wat i needed after massive pre MOT session, just like the chill out session in 90s 4 just love it brings u up lowers you down thanks lads i needed that.............see you on the road

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dangerous rips it up

If Tim had a VW camper it would look like this

Thought the days of seeing triumphs like this had gone

Real moto X bars

You couldnt put a bullet hole in modern glass, this is most likely 70 years old

As the huts marched forward Derek throw himself to the ground, it what would become their last desperate attempt to defend the beach, soon after the chairs were stripped of their stripes.

The classic art deco lines soiled forever my amusements, a chinese resturant and biffa bins, it turned my guts.

The sign was up but no ones home

If Barse had a VW it would look like this

Saturday, 22 May 2010

12 hours

Started at seven this morning a man on a mission coffee and eggs and a quick text to TimDog. Door up and rolled out the shovel. Worked against the racing sun at 10 it was back into the shed to cool down, out for an couple of hours to get bits and then a sixish me and Gordie start pre-flight checks..........

Oil pipes CHECK, fuel CHECK, battery CHECK, compression CHECK, leathers CHECK
Front brake NO, lights NO, number plate NO

Free clutch, choke, pre kick, kick for TDC, twisted the micky, one kick and life, oil pressure up, wait for tick over then off around the block, MINT, welcome back THE SHOVEL

Monday, 17 May 2010

Four speed shovel frames have a huge potential to just get it right i seen some crap jobs as well but the problem is direction the castings on the frame are beautiful they make great dare i use the B word perhaps a little too early but it sure aint a jap bobber each to their own but please not the B word 16" HD rear with PM brake shocks are cool but wats wrong with springs well this is wat I have hd rear guard from some thing and the seat from the sporty three and halfs from a 1500cc 70's shovel cheers NC bmx kicker and a transplanted filter 80's rad yokes and the only bars that will fit the brake hose rock and roll

and the sporty

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The last few

No riding in the padock

rear sets on a crosser

Just catched the last few and the classic enduro

Saturday, 15 May 2010

For life

Went over to the Loveless shop today and chewed the fat with Tim_Dog, he was on the bench while I was perched on the racer. Laughing about yesterdays adventures with Dangerous. The summers is here. Lets ROCK and ROLL.

Friday, 14 May 2010

This year......

I shall be mainly riding the shovel and wearing a full face helmet

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Moody shovel B&W

I hate the sucking sporty got right to the last hurdle all reved up got to off the bench,( nearly killing Damon, well chopping his feet off ) out side to have a good look looks shit, so I pushed it back in the shed, you can see it sulking in the back ground, anyway suck that, here's the shovel the best kicker a lover could have, there loads of hours in the rear mud guard this bike aint got no fenders and the best bit.... I filled about fifiten holes and thought suck you 3 can stay...........why because chose to keep them.

Dont you just love triumphs!

Looks all the better with modern race leathers and helmet. Posts will be few and far between again, as I have intermittent connection at home, still the ISP has paid up so I dont really care, in fact I dont really miss it. I've been a bit pre-ocupied with a renewables system for uni and the bikes have been put on the burner, but tomorrow is submission so I'm free again!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Inspired Shovel

As I'm still waiting for sporty parts the shovel is going back together

Been surfing the net for inspiring shovels, and this one dropped out and is really crafty. The shocks have been remounted thro the rear frame tube, pushung them forward and dropping the back end, chopped mud guard. To me this is a bobber and the inspiration that I needed.

abk BMWs

Tim_dogs famous BMW, one sweet bit of kit, this is one is has just mentioned on his blog. He has been pestering me to put these photos up. But I had really crap Internet this last week. Tim up load them and lets have the full spec.

Le Mans style start, notice full racing beanie and fleece, thats what they wore in those days

And I was riding this, an R65 which I had when a woman run into my bonnie. I needed a bike for daily transport and as with Tims this one came from Ammo. Extended LC bars, bates headlight, home made fork brace, which has been on the sporty. The tank was on my chop and was the one I used on the shovel, rear sub frame one of many. Rear mud guard was in my chop then Tims BMW and I just dug it out to try on the shovel. Those bars were so cool but crap in traffic.

Bad hair day, think it was a NABD rally?