Sunday, 26 July 2009

Inspired by Loveless Blog.........Rain Rain Rain, got 4 hours in yesterday with gordie and an urban hour in the evening picked up learner on a LC we played tag for the whole circuit I just love riding thro the city bends island lights......not fast just quick the LC was a bit off line getting better and better A50-A6 was the best tonned it down the new road slowed for the LC to catch me when we entered the island deep in the right hand LC up and down as he found the confidence second time round better third time he'd got it final exit flat on the tank power power rear wanting the break away looked in my mirror to see the LC bars slapping slowed to check him mutual respect given off for a cuppa.

Friday, 24 July 2009

One 3TA, one girl friend, one life

Second bike this 1960's 3TA was the worse model they ever made, I bought from St Helens put it on the train and rode from the station to the flat in Normanton with no helmet and no lights mainly on the pavement it was rebuilt at the flat I then rode to around for the next 6 years finally sold it when I got the 140D. It was a bit of a nail, but never really let us down. This picture was taken mid 80's at millers dale, we were off camping like we did most weekends . I made those bags from a lorry trap. Next week they will go to Belgium on the Sportster. I use the word sportster because I dont like Harley!!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Rocker Boards

Chris Matlock has been busy, these are the first protos of his kicking running boards I love the bold type face. The centre "K" says to all. These don't come in a box

Friday, 17 July 2009

How period is this photo. Gorgeous!! (Monica not Geoffrey!!)

John Bolster and Rosemary Bolster?Brighton Speed Trials 7th September 1946

New Old?

Inline 6 1930s AC engine new headers tig welded to manifold plates and solid ally water jacket motor running three SU carbs........................

British hot rods at their best!!

Its do not known when this motor was first made but the pic shows the car in 1928 at Shelsley in the hands of Keith Anderson. It was known then as the Keith Anderson special. SIt was fitted with a GN Akela supercharged engine with a MG front axle which was underslung the extruded aluminium chassis that is said to be off an aircraft. The transmission was GN and still is. Anderson apparently never really got the blown GN engine to go very well and he got fed up with it and put it for sale. Look again at the guy on the start line thats not just blocking his ears thats supercharger pain. Keith with Sunday best shirt and welding glasses hair back in the wind.

British hot rods at their best!!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

"Shelsley special"

THese are cars? are Shelsley specials they are built with one purpose in there long lives and thats to go up hills fast very fast. I like to read loveless before I put some thing together here. I got to think about our love for hot rods the american sort. But no to worry I'm back on English soil again and I tell you want we do it better again, based on a 1920 GN just mint loo at the v twin poking out and the single head light.
The wasp 1920 2500cc V 4 side valve running chain drive

1920s shot of Shelsley special" known at MARTYR which was driven for many years at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire, England by members of the Instone family. The car was a GN cycle car chassis, much modified and fitted with a tuned V twin JAP engine with a raucous exhaust note (note the guy with his hands clamped over his ears!), quite a lot of power and very little weight.

and here it is competing on the same climb in 2005

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What I'm I doing?

I'd lost the plot for a second I got sucked in to turning the car into an hot rod, then I read the loveless blog and saw the Triton its just mint and British. So we now have real direction with car as said before its going to be a Brit 1930s racer style, I was going to put wire wheels, well now we are going to use the original ones. Dont get sucked in , style it out!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Salt Frogs and Choppers

I came across the collection of web pictures that I had saved when I was building the chop. This just mint morning on the salt flats the ally slimline racer thick with salt race prep starts open cock pit full force of the salt in your face

Japanese 60's space cartoon floating girl with captured frog in tow desperately reaching for the ice cream

Generator shovel no front brake short pipes unpainted mudguard pike nuts

Monday, 13 July 2009

More Buxton Tea.......

This is one of the scooter farm lads completely knackered he had been out every 15 minutes since a 11.00am fighting to push his woody rotax to the front of the pack this mans racing he said this is just before a crash two CRFs crashed the first guy dropped in the center of the pack the second went straight the top he at there with in head in his hands, all the racers ran to help pick his bike up.Another rotax with nickel frame and trick seat base wearing maxxis paint work tyres and buxton mud
The loud side of the XR note no foot controls rear brake and gear on the right hand side. Every one walked like mad max left boot strapped up with ally soles
Rolling start for the XR not all had this luxury most had the pit crew(pissed up mate) bump start them

Sunday, 12 July 2009

£1.20 for a mug of tea and a snickers

Got feed up this afternoon and took a risk and went off in search of Buxton speedway track what bitch to find the sign had been flatten last night when some lads came back from the pubits was freezing and pissing down in rain but I manged to get some pics the racing was mint .............

Saturday, 11 July 2009

If it an't rigid it an't worth a F*k

How cool it dont have to be big to be beautiful.................

If Wheeler had a softtail........

This about sums where our heads were 18 years ago kent kent kent super S cafe killer bikers walking until our feet were dead and still not seeing it all. This is from the cover of July 91 Freeway mag I was working alot in france at the time and used to bring these back for me and Tim this one was quickly named " If wheeler had a softtail" it would look like this. Actually it most likely wouldnt but we thought it would I'm not one for looking back but I miss you man.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Ready for the off

Evil twin days...outside TDogs wait for all to arrive before we set off to the shires a few more than normal that day we hadnt got 5 miles before kev lost his foot rest it wasnt surprised shop fresh chop was bound to see a few teething problems I went on with Tommy Gun and co and met them later at the green cafe
Early season ride over to kevs shop met up with Tommy on his sportster sport cant remember were we went or what we did its not that important its the fun of the ride that counts
Heage windmill boy did we blow them away all the old classic boys were amazed at the chops if one old boy went home and chopped a classic then my work will have been done

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Tea time or may be a beer

classic laughing momment what was it all about! NCC parties are the best

more beer this time at Rock&Blues

chewing the fat and more tea

more beer barse living it up at lerock party

staffordshire tea

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Mint paint

check out this sweet triumph built by a swedish guy and found on jockeyjournal how mint is the paint on the helmet

Where does it start when does it end?

Spent some time looking at the BM today not sure what to do with it shame to sell it shame to let it rot got some inspiration from this MDM HP2 then my eyes drifted to the sporty trying to sniff for inspiration my mind wondered back to were it all started

At kent all those years ago these were iron horse days and the moloka? club well time to reflect and drink tea

On the way to the farm yard we met up with TDog and Wheeler on the A38 slip road me on the shovel and Gordie on the Bonny, we arsed it on to the slip road for a rolling start gunning past the others who soon gain speed we rode in formation until the first tea stop only then did we sit and finally engage in conversation until then the was no need to speak we know each other and the way we ride quote TDog when only last week we raced in down the jelly I know were he was I didnt need to look in the mirror kicked it in and he took the bend any less riders would have had an bump some years later TDog was driven to create a 4 speed maybe with the memory of the kent iron head this mat black mother was nearly built and at the last second ripped down and built into the rigid only took the after and some kicking tracks to do it

When does it end ...when we are no longer excited by metal and speed by the challenge of the road or the rock but never never by our age or lack of money

Sunday, 5 July 2009

A glass to good friends!

Well another year ticks by and we find ourself at Kevs party. I say party because it wasnt a biking event , rally what ever you dont want to call it. The caravans on the site was not a good sign then I had to remind myself what we were here its a chance for kev to thanks his mates his customers. For us its a chance to catch up with good friends. The sort of friends that you dont find very often but last for a long time you dont need to be on the phone to them every week or month but when you meet up its a firm hand shake and off we go what you been doing what you been building, relaxed conversation over a few beers, no need to go mad, more conversation than beer, many laughs. Nick and his quzzi, chris and his softail and Carls so to be adventages at the Beamish trials. I had read about the Beamish and googled it to find 220 pictures. Great weekend boys Cheers to Tim, Dave, Jake, Dad, Chris, Carl, Nick and Kev and the lerock boys!! I have got the walk sorted for next year so bring a packed lunch Chris!!!!!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Would you swap?

What would you swap for this a real swap? for me it would be the shovel if the chance came you would have to find a way its not perfect but then neither I'm I to see the ride round the corner at MFN was something special hands and feet going like he was playing the church organ just mint remains me of iron horse and the tooth pick

Wednesday Club service time

Went over to welding boys garage 2nite and played with his toys serviced the westie rode a scooter and shot a high calibre air pistol 5 blokes and their toys