Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hey T_Dog

I Heart Tats !!!!!! the only way is south all the way to the border crossing...this ones for you TDog

One for the Croft Meister

hey Dave saw this and thought of you :-)

Picture this dragging down Weymouth strip howling along the beach road flat on the tank knee on the pipe shield reach down to the gear level with your hand for clutchless change just mint the piss on jap sticker is tacky and spot on

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sammy Miller

Small detour this week took me to Sammy Millers for a snadwich were I saw this F T 35 is a bit of a rare beast CCM with 4oo engine, super slide performance, but ugly, this is the first time I seen one in the fleshand it really is a bit Pete Tong, its the tank its either wrong for the bike or may the bike is wrong for the tank.
There is a workshop in the court yard its closed to the public but you can look thro thr window, I was hoping to blag a closer look, but there was no one working on the Henderson I love this shot showing all the hand tools.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Welding boy's new toy

I aint going to say sorry for showing more Donington pics these were taken by the now infamous welding boy

Sunday, 21 June 2009


Loud and fast

With no one to ride with I thought I would chance by luck and getting in to donnington for the Norton event didnt know what to expect blagged it in for a fiver right from Red gate to the track its jammed with Nortons with no bounds on were I could I went ever where the smell is something I cant give so here are the pictures with thin comments

Broken duke you pays your money and you pays your money!

Mint this is like something out of the 50s mechanic silver soldering Norton pipes with cigar in his mouth I could have spent all day talking

40s Norton with rev counter, swing to 6500rpm mint!!!!!!

70s sticker with Asterlite wheels

Manx Norton mini racer...........................

No starter no weight faster faster

Locked and wired.....

High levels on the BSA

XT Fun another bike

Well finally after months of looking Jake gets himself a mint XT, 3000 miles one owner, I rode it back and loved ever bit of it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

1930s racer

Much net research much talking about SVA and other laws has made me rethink the project, this aint like bikes so what we are going to do is replate the chassis and make a new body we can do this because the old body just unbolts so we are going for Burlington arrow type 30s motor get a MOT and start from there, so something like this no door ally body with internal cage oh yeah and no mudguards, then sell the reg and then sell the car, or may be .................

Monday, 15 June 2009

Saturday morning Sunday night

Saturday morning petrol at Richards over priced delivered with a smile first few miles warming tyres you know the way before we have to choose always the same formation comfortable with the line up one hand on the bars becomes an infection to be treated with the Derbyshire bends knees in head down one two three four pass the car the temperature drops thank god for inner gloves hands on the pot to warm the fingers again dreaming of tea finding ourselves at the cafe a cafe tea and cake and the world put right back to reality and Sunday nights

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Origin of the Speices Darwin 1859

Origin of the Species Darwin 1859 a classic in its own right has been twisted applied time and time again by Loveless and abk development of motorcycles to suit the owners state of mind modification and fabrication of metal formed by craftsman from metal images usually without drawing but never without thought from conception on the long ride home to the realisation in the shed to be ridden shown and discussed to be reworked never without change sometimes planned sometimes impulsive like taking the left when we always go right finding new fun never going back like the discovery of the back road always that bit quick sometimes with alittle more risk but never out of control we pay the price and take the trophy thinking of Michael Sandel's Reith lecture this week "Should immigrants pay for citizenship" "Should we pay children to read books?"(1) "should we pay a speeding ticket to go fast?"

(1) Times 13/06/09

Saturday, 13 June 2009

With a bit of editing this could have been the ace cafe in the 60s I was going to crop it but it has its own story to tell T loveless looks cool as in this shot dated from the 90s it was taken near coalville nick had loads of trouble with the fuel on the rigid as usaual the triumph ran spot on

Friday, 12 June 2009

timmy loveless 1993

Thursday, 11 June 2009

This myspace not server space in cyberspace but my personal space sometimes metal turns into parts sometimes tea turns into piss I know were my tools are and I know which one to use this week its be used for repairing a scooter exhaust stripping down the heraldster barcket for the igintion switch the start of a side panel reading and chilling a place to go at night to listen to the rain when we cant ride to think to laugh and joke a meeting of like minded men free thinking without the boundaries of a modern life the only things we get out of a box are drill bits and 1200 grit.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

I like to think that those nice people at DiCE copied our own yearly mag not some much a fanzine than a complete balls up ripped together by barse and wheeler following nights of coop export 5% by volume days of pixies and hats we pride ourseleves in the thought of drinking with JB Priestley and combining both engineering and philosophy in a literary ouput second only to this great man the construction of rally maps not to help with future movements but to helps us remember the past. Rallys were won with the complex conversations struck with complete strangers about hats swedish exhaust systems beavers snakes BMW iron sportsters days of kent and j-clothes donnington simple rallies when the stars of the future BSH issues mixed free with others the mortals of the bike world a place we never really belonged to one we wish to distance over the years we build up the army Nick, Chris M, and others follow, not us, but in the sense that when you ride though town a few will try their luck.....Many are called but few are chosen..........

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ambergate cafe cold sunday last of the season shovel fashioned with drags kind of willy flash back moment to the 90's his shop was just up the road front end looks mint here bars showing of the 80s wide glide fat front tyre little vintage light and cables ever where shot over with Jake on his ped cool feeling to be riding next to your son... sitting on the ally seat pulling your sruffs down to keep the cold off your back eyes watering behind narrow glasses hands cold dreaming of tea

Stopping at the lights after tea still not warm hands on the pots trying to get some heat into your fingers playing with the throttle to keep that even thump from the 1340 motor wearing the sportster plate tapped to the chain case just to keep the coppers from pulling you up art work of the bent sign looking like a jump ramp the arrow directing the way I find it offensive free thinkers dont enjoy being shown the way your way is never ours....................

Card Board City

I can visualise most engineering solutions but sometimes you need that blurred eye view of the world you know the one that looks deeper than the parts you can see the unfinished project you mind working over time to mentally modify the project to finish it in your head then realise it in metal. What I see here is very different to what most see I only share my vision with a few like minded souls who search for the edge. I see 20" cut out the chassis, reversed ally tub with internal roll cage straight four banger with dropped beam somewhere between rod and a hill climber. In my head its already done now it becomes dangerous how to continue to the end to finish such a project any project. I recall last years chops the dream the vision of riding side by side clip on's and monkey bars realised at the three shire by a conversation with Shaun. We admire each other from a far always speaking always having the time the crack and as we always do going back to the BM's a time in the 1990's pre DiCE when AWoL ruled the newsagents we were openly leading the pack not just with bikes but the our atitude not beards and tats but dance music and hats strong bonds which last to this day and can never be divided.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

By 4 o clock on Friday its was stripped to the chassis which is in really good condition. We carried it down the garden to be stripped of wanted parts teh rest to be sold or swopped for bits.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Cray Odgies Ally Shedster sort of set me off if he can do it so can we

Friday, 5 June 2009

After a Wednesday club moment I bought a Trimph Herald, why will becasue when I Googled the Chassis it looked like to could be modified into a special. I hadnt even had a beer. Well when I got home on Thursday there it was. We towed it through the garage. Two hours later it was running!!! oh yeah and the registation is KCH 3D and is worth 5 times the price I payed for the car, it just needs an MOT now. No chance this baby looks good on the outside but its rotten on the inside.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Got the T shirt

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Saga Rodders "Age is an attitude"
I FKing hate bikes, final got the big sportster tank on, it needs to be on for the european party! but its been a mare I had to modify the engine support, the coil bracket, the horn, the fuel pipe, the tap, the ignition switch every fking thing, I had to take the carb off to get a longer fuel pipe on which I need because the taps on the other side, so I had to modify the head steady, so I had to knock the lever out of the tap, turn it around because its pointing in the wrong direction and on and on, and guess what it looks like daves fking bike!!! should have put the shovel tank on!!