Saturday, 9 May 2009

BMW racer inspiration for the final project? days past when BM's rule the roads pink grips belt seats stainless cans clip ons's cafe racer tail pieces single plug twin plug eating the miles to Kent Farm yard and Donnington. It started with Shaun set a light by the R80 leaning agianst the BMF tree the inspiration of a decade only to come complete circle at 3 three shire gunning on choppers and in hand shake that took nearly 20 twenty years Shaun was impressed.

Crazy sort of silent movie still, mostly likely composed. Nice to think she was changing the your tyre on the hot rod.

Called by the beauty of nature and the challenge of the fall they gather on new years day year after year waiting in the cold wishing for the sun. Walking the course for the loose rock the wet leaves hidden holes. C12's D14's and master Ariels waiting to pitch their skill against nature. Every year the course to molded by mother earth with un-paralleled force. To have the power to mold and shape delivers a bitter sweet taste of success to your mouth. The 3am cutting session, waking in the morning with hands dirty with oil, the obsession to continue to modify to build never falters, you see the need in every shape, as you touch and removing metal adding metal. As you walk picking that tank those front pegs, we see these objects with different eyes, its never ours until we have worked our hands into those parts it, we walk the auto jumble in a parallel line to others, all ways moving faster and occasionally very occasionally a rift lets someone else in.
Old Bill can be seen at Wollaton Park. Days of real engineering long lost in the over blown over coloured world of so called chopper building. Every few decades the engineering spirt in reborn the 60s cafe racer the 80s AWoL style now but all but completely lost in bling. But the shed door is still open for a few good people. True chopper hero check
For me the 20's are the start of it all.
An inspiration vision of the future

Art work and the healing process. Its easy to forget what you've got but you can never forget what you've lost.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Wednesday Club all present and correct. An electronic free forum for tea and utter b*ll*cks
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A pile of scrap, a past or future project? front wheel from a BSA trial bike...BMW frame Norton style rear race loops waiting for another engine..HD AMF 2 stroke tank never been on a project never will BIN. QD rear 18" triumph wheel seen both swinging arm and hardtail projects good chrome SAVE. 18" and 21" double flanged rims from a AJS motoxer, rare as SAVE. Unit front twin leading wheel SAVE the hub, SELL the rusty rim. AJS stormer seat and tank SAVE for future project or EBAY for 150. Ridged shovel frame..................they stopped at the lights, hanging from the monkey bars, gripping the clip ons...sweet tick over and the rumble of the twins...amber dump the clutch quick shift more revs than push rods like, the dream is over with that far away look in their eyes...Many are called few are chosen Matthew 22 alluding to the variety in qualities of humankind.
Shires 2005 "Shovels by the gate" we sat on the fence watching the bikes come and go. This NCC party has been one of the best in recent years. The ride to Hereford is spot on..long low bends just relax and twist the throttle...time to think about the next project ...your mind building parts..solving the time you buy your ticket and go through the gate the next projects complete...can't wait for the ride back. You see for us the party starts when you turn the key!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

abk engineering form from the 80's alternative bmw falling alpha males wrapped in their oil soaked matt black comfort blankets...inspired by and contributed to AWOL and The Horse

abk engineering > the start

I've completely had it with trying to get my space to upload a picture so i've started this blog i'm hoping to to post old pictures and blog on rides as they happen........laters barse