Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The last of the sun Qu?

Home sun and ride off to Bens for a cuppa and a chat about this and that projects tattoos people and so on so on. Oh yeah nice A50 flat tracker.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Tripout road captain

Well it nearly went wrong, Friday booked plans made to travel on mass, blown away by the boss asking me to work, you might say stuff that take the holiday, but lets explain he has never asked me twice to change a holiday, so when he did I didn't hesitate in going to work, which in the end did me a favour, as it rained and rained and rained. Come 4 a o'clock the heavy rain had reduced to a shower, by a vote of confidence we choose bob as road captain and two of us(others went Thursday only to find the bar was closed) who earned his wings and did a Stirling job, here is his checking the sat nav aka the page of an old road atlas.


This is what we come for the bikes, it's why we do it, ride the miles and drink the beer, slow conversation and we stand more than looking deconstructing what the builder has put together, you see we can tell how it was built which bits were redone which bits are right first time..............very few words as we look and translate we see the dirt the oil, the hand cleaner the fun the smiles, the tears , we see it all...........


We hit the cider about 8 I was only having one, until they ran out of lager, at 7.4 % it went down a storm, and wasvresponsible for great conversation, belly laughs and team dancing.......and the following day a very deep voice and no hang over! Result


Tripout time line

1940 to 1983 one of each

Tripout 45 heaven

Including Jims mag driven red bobber/racer

Run out tripout

Back left to front right, grant - blog comment king aka tiger feet, somebody and his girl that I was introduced to on Friday, too wreck to remember their names, Jud and Betty boo, and Lad

Tripout flattracker

Shame it's in the back of the truck, it really wanted ragging around the field, take a good old look, the bits you can't see, joe hunt, spool front hub, narrowed and dented(bollock shape) tank

Yes please........

Tripout triumph

Nice pre unit reminded me of my 650 when I bought it about 25 years ago, never to be original always to be fun! Mine is now on the bench waiting for the great pre unit build off with dad and lad, on your marks..........

Luke's 45

Basking in the cold light of Saturday night, as the temperature dropped the party started rather later and slower than the night before, earlier in the day Luke let me ride his 45 around the field, won't forget that in a hurry springer dipping, pogo seat bouncing no front brake, foot clutch hand change and rutted field great fun!

Friday, 6 September 2013


Well not to pleased this morning, due to forecast heavy rain the lads left for the Trip Out last night and arrived before the rain. I couldn't make it so I'm sat having my breakfast and its raining cats and dogs, so I'm waiting until the rain stops, hopefully it will be today, I've do my fair share of wet raining and I don't choose to do it !

On the plus side here is the shovel wearing a Panhead swing, thanks to a tip off via Jud

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Just a number

Monday at MFN sees the final prep for the trip out ride, numbers have grown, and by the time we meet up with Jud on the 46, he will be the last of nine, three shovels, 45, two Indians, a pan, an evo chop and a buell chop and I'm not taking any tools!

It's all about VW

I've got it's thing about vw campers at the minute, particularly since my week in Devon, but more on that later, should it be a split- expensive, old, but hold their money, or a bay and early or late or even cross over... Think ill just keep looking

Sunday, 1 September 2013

True stories?

It's a month since I last posted, just been busy riding, not a shame at all.  I did get caught in a right down pour the other day, one of those one spot two spot soaked moments, luckily I found shelter under some trees, at least it gave me time to rebuild my carb.  The MFN crew continue to meet up mainly on a Monday night, to chat and tell long(sometimes true) stories about the weekend rides...........

Rain what rain