Monday, 26 April 2010


Wednesday club hit the sporty full on, welding boy bending the sub frame, this bike has to be right. Long distance euro bike needs a sub frame just under that dam seat . Full saturday saw its back broken, guess what, waiting for bits again.

Pinched from Church of choppers blog, shot in the 80's swedish pan. cool jeans on a real chopper, shame we have seen this style taken and turned into a TV drama, thats a telly drama. First saw this in 80's BSH or may be AWOL. No money for Harleys then rode what we built and turned heads.

Its here the blossom, always a first sign that the bikes are ready, a bit behind this year, so

got the shovel back from Gordies, just a quick on the road job. Love the frame on this beauty, into the shed and dig out the best quick fit parts, a no spend summer ride. Inspired

by local art

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Paint it black

Another spacer

Still make bits for the sporty. I found a ally plate already full of holes and cut it to fit the front pully. The bottom mounting blot needed a spacer, so its back to the old lathe to spin one up. Its not going to finished for 1st May, this build has been more intense than the chop. Gordie is up and running and I'm still at it. Been promised a bike to use for the start of May, boy I'll need it.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I can buy a ACU sticker from ebay for £8

But I can only buy one open face helmet which is ACU gold sticker and its the bloody DAVIDA Bubble!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Who were these people?

Should it stay or should it go

I need to clear my shed of some of the "stuff" and I really dont know what to keep, I want to finish both the triumphs, I 'ld like to keep the BM it owes me nothing and I love riding it, but they are currently fetching crazy money on ebay, who knows?

Whats left

I need to make a bracket to mount my number plate on, but first I need to make a sub frame to fix my light to, but before that I need to make the seat base and cover it, but before that I need finally glass the seat, but before that I need to make the seat mounting kit, the rear inner guard, oil tank needs to be fitted, oil tank needs to be repaired................

Urban decay nature reclaim

There is this old mill that I run past. The police used to use it as stolen recovery storage. Went there to pick a mates bike up once and the top two floors were pack bar to bar with bikes. The cream had been picked off, but even if you had what was left and banged to on ebay you'ld be able to retire. Not long a go it caught fire guess it was burnt down so that it could be redeveloped. With spring on its way the plants are slowly creeping over the bricks and through the old ways. Slowly taking on that post apocalypse urbam decay seen in so many sci-fi movies

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Look what the Old Bell dragged up


Gimp Mask

Looking more like a strapped gimp mask than a seat...well it does to me..dont you think or am I just a little bit....

Wednesday Club

Crazy building night were most things come together rear brake hose using banjo's from Mick at Wilemans. I bought his last two, he needs £300 a year insurance and its just not worth it. I spent a good hour talking the fat with Mick, Top guy. Gordie went to work on the end can giving some elbow grease.