Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Story told

Theakstons music Festival - I saw my first shovel chop too scared to speak to the guy me and Chris must have been about 15 at the time. Photo copy of Koptri panhand from a real mag sent by little Mark from Awol. A working pass from Saunier Duval in Nantes the source of all the french hot rod mags. Levellers ticket from 92........

These words have held me safe

One for the Loveless Team..got to be worth a "Loveless engineering" sticker. Come on stand up to the mark to get your sticker!

This nights dreams tomorrows memories

Monday, 28 December 2009

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Sunday, 27 December 2009


Gallows gig friends always something to say giving me something I nearly lost in this nanny state of today a bobbing ship on the ever riseing sea of climate change the dance the volume the WORDS refreshing the the system cleansing the soul the mind the first DICE back street heroes classic horse odgie and his skill for timing the ever changing world that we live in abk loveless desire to be different we make it happen the shed metal racing hardtails the dream complete we move on to the next empty page with our minds we draw realizing metal solutions engine frame brakes and paint?

The importance of function.....a form of art held high by only the few.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day Blues

Not the planned Boxing walk, Mandy was sick in the night that bug thats going around. So a quite day. But I got an hour out on the XT, boy was it salty and mudding great fun on the XT couple of slides kept me sharp. Back in the shed I extended the curtain strips well half of them by riviting bits from a spare to the bottom. The final house work to keep the bottom end warm. Now I can start on the Sporty clean up and fab.Align Centre

Friday, 25 December 2009

Back in cyberspace

After a month without broadband I wasnt particularly interested in blogging, so I did some thinking. Why do people blog? fame and fortune? or is it more than skin deep. A window into the inner self? a single journey of adventure that requires no confirmation of success or failure? or may be a return journey? may be we all need to be out there, beyond our comfort zone and to tell people well not actual tell document our life, like some 2000 year old scripture, our adventures recorded frozen in time. The we is not an open we but the circle of more than friends that I speak with party with drink with, you know who you are

Cheers boys

Roll on the spring

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Robin Jackson's speed master

This head is just pure sex, most likely cast and machined in the 30's by RR Jackson. RR was a talented engineer in the who designed and built engines for brookland racers. He was in great demand to squeeze the last few mph from these vintage racers.

His calling card was tuning the engines to run with supercharges, not just for speed but reliability

All bolted into a Norton, just mint.

JAP track racer

Chris W took this shot of a long stroke JAP in a 3 wheeler, this is anit a plastic pig, short pipes howling like a bashee, fighting for grip on the corners even with the modern bike tyres, one down draft one updraft carb the remote float bowls make ensure that petrol flows.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pattern part are shit!

On taking the forks to bits I damaged the fork seal holder like the one here its made of two parts pressed together with a seal between. I had to get a 5 foot bar on the stilsons to unscrew it, heat and all other normal methods failed. But I pinched the sides in, so it wouldnt screw back on. I was sadden by this and spent the best part of night reshaping it, but I it would still only go on two turns. So of to Wilemans to get said part not in stock. On Saturady I had a lightening flash and rang TMS 30 minutes later I was on the way back. That night I went into the garage to fit the seal holder in chrome, wat the fk it was never in chrome in the first place, so wat, does it fit does it fk!!!! threads are a mile out. 12 hours later the old part in lovelying fit back to the forks. I fking hate pattern parts!!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Front ends

This is the front end that I put together years ago for the pre-unit, it looks the dogs but is shit. The brake is far too small and wont even think about stopping the T100R. So its got to go, it will sit in the corner for the right project. So I bought all the parts I need to refurbish the T100 front stanchions, bush set, oil, bearing and seals all for £50 not bad eh. I'll get a second hand tyre from kev a nice discarded 19", a harley reject if I can find one with any tread left on it!

Ounces make Kg

Function - grams = speed or in TDogs case Fucntion-Kg = speed + brake horse, I have never seen so much heavy junk on a bike before, cant wait for the mz to rev and burn, hopefully rubber and not flames. In following TDogs lead I'm running total loss ignition on the T-racer which means I dont need a stator to charge the battery, which means no loss of energy in the magnetic field which means a few more revs. The T100A starts out when it left the factory at 340lbs top speed 100mph, I can feel another a38 drag race coming on!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Number 4

Looks like early 60s 500 unit standard frame, ceriani foks, but the maxxis show its a more recent picture. Looks like a bonnie split front hub on the back, no brakes front or back, just roll off the throttle to slow down, speedway style.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"Wild Man"

Or rebellious riders, I should say. Thanks to the The Jockey Journal for these amazing pics of the “Wild Man” in action. Seen above and below, “Wild Man” Kenny Brown toured the country in the ’60s putting on one man shows at Drag Strips with his incredible stunts– always on his trusty Triumph

Try and work out whats happening here, at first I thougth he has sliding around teh corner but its got to be a doughnut hasnt it ?

Monday, 16 November 2009

The mad driller

You cant have too many holes, well in this case I'm not so sure, engine looks likes its in a 50s sprint frame

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Snaking babay

This the vid the Jake took after he had stopped laughing, the first time I did this the triumph nearly flipped me!!

Period racer

American triumph 650? does try to be anything its not, pipes cut and shut under the frame with some shorty meggas, standard oil tank, looks like a 2 stroke flat track race seat. Love the braced swing arm or should that be strenghtened! The Jet style helmet with blacked out clip on visor, just mint.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Sideblog Pic

Copied this photo from Sideblog, I look very day at this site it never fails to fire me up, I dont usually click to full size but there was something about that middle sporty not just the stroz tank, but the C&J oil in frame, keeping looking and you'll find a lot more.

Death to the rock house

Which in itself is no big issue, apart from the fact that we had tickets to see Gallows. F**K me I had to send the tickets back. So guess what we have a new venue well its back to the only old punk gig left the Bell.... see you there

Monday, 9 November 2009

Sunday, 8 November 2009

full face

Ready Salted

It may well have been the last ride out on the Sporty today, boy was it rough, roads weather and cars non to friendly for sure mix road rain and salt and this is what you get.....

Yorkshire hill climb

On the way to Malham the other weekend I happen by chance to see two vintage cars going up a long drive way, after a conversation with two guys who would have been at home in either Wallace and Grommet or last of the Summer Wine (the early ones) we jumped to the back of thier Volvo for a lift up t' farm. This ally boby purpose bulit Shelsley Wash hill climber was a bit heavy for the mud. This racer appears to date back to the 30's, chassis unkown heavyly modified and drilled to within an inch of its life, the two gear levers where also drilled, one lever for selection the other to change the ratio on the transverse shaft that runs as a axle. Running a 3 pot GN with 2 SUs its road hill climber pedigree was proved by the rear axle a good 18" narrower than the front to aid drifting on the tarmac just mint..................

Hot Rod Drags 2005

Saturday, 7 November 2009

More Drags 2005

This pictures just so busy bucket seats with full harness dropped on the floor to skull stick and chain wheel but what makes it for me is the little fan, a token not to air con but a sensible contribution to stop you burning your feet on the fire wall which is reworked for the massive V8.

Air scoop - Form follows function

Tim Bo wishing he was on the other side of the glass

Flat head but you know that dont you

eh Tim saw this and thought of us!!!


check out all his vids mint.....

Friday, 6 November 2009

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Brace of harleys 2005

The shovels looks mint here, not so sure about the sporty, sort of looks like a squawty thing short on legs, it might just be my go faster race pants that I bought for a tenner from the BMF one year when I was really looking for a gear box sprocket for the preuint which I went on having to stop at least 200 times to retime the mag because its just an interference fit without a key which I also forgot so when i got back to Belper I could only get into the garage and had to wait until mandy came home which gave me time to sort thro a load of junk which I swopped at burton bike bits who used to get involved in the classic bike show at burton which was also great until one year it turned into ground hog day and all the bikes were the same as last year

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Burton show 2003

Dont believe what it says on the tank its a triumph racing outfit with a ally head and MKII amals

A proper jap chopper you dont see these any more its all big buck harleys