Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Old peak watering hole

The faux flat tracker at the old watering hole, poor old gal has had some hammer this year, and to top it off the oil tank is split..,,

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A little bit........

I've seen Frank Carter many times, but never seen the whole band including the drummer on the shoulders of the crowd

Of Frank Carter

Wollaton Park always fun


Is this a split that thinks it's a bay or a bay that thinks it's a split


I know someone who bought a mower for one of these engines


We often promise ourselves we going here there and every where, Kent custom show used to be the one, then it died over night. The whole thing bubbled along, people drift in and out and find their own way, then slowly very slowly the odd email the small hint of something special and before you know it we're at Hull waiting for the ferry.


Bridge number one

Really staring to feel like a road trip now haha, some people haven't got a clue and it can stay that way you're either in or out

Bridge number six

Everyone built their bike

Some had long hair so short we all had dirty hands, you know the sort of hands that you get working spanners

Less beers more tech talk

Rammed Saturday afternoon

UK take best flathead bring it on

Trophy boy

Best lay out

The blue and white tent is the stage and the bar, oh yeah and the entrance, stalls around the outside bikes in the middle

A moment of reflection

Ready for the off

Nic, Luke and Tom, we dragged the morning coffee and chat as long as we could, it was Nic that broke the line having to cover 650 km to get home

Coke, ice ream and sand Dutch style