Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Monday, 26 December 2011

This what we do we take piles of bits and turn them into motorcycles. Took a trip over the county line today, the mild weather pulling me into a longer than planed ride as the temperature drop I turned for home my mind drifting first to projects and then to the need for petrol, the sporty tank limiting the distance between stations on to reserve and in true mad max style drop the throttle back, you know the scene when the warning light comes on and you have to dis-engage the blower, free wheel to the pump, engine ticking in the cooling air the sounds of the pump filling the tank the rain starts to fall and my mind drifts to blade runner.......and the creation of J. F. Sebastian

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Busy night

Mr Gearhead fitted the stator and rotor to the 500, I'd scored some new bits in a deal for old parts, top deal, it did take him all night to thread the wires through the cases, it does matter if you use a draw wire its still a difficult job, you just need to take your time. Gordie scrapped the paint from around the fat bobs so that they could be welded. Yeah I know he could have sanded it in half the time, but it makes a noise, and we like conversation on Wednesday night, Chris finished off the tank inserts, and I stripped the paint off. Then we all stood around the shovel poked it with a stick and went home.

Monday, 19 December 2011


Kev sorted out the fork bits on Saturday and on the way home I dropped into Tim's, who didnt really look rough but everybody had told him that he did, so I just carried on the now tradition, sat in the 3 star heated loveless shed and nattered to Tim and Dave. I didnt get chance on Saturday to get the forks in the shovel, so I got up early on Sunday crunched my way over the frost and within 20 minutes its all back together. I waited till lunch to give it a test ride, nearly dropping it on the ice in the first few minutes, the progressives have transformed the ride but do mean that they are not quite 2" under, I was all for cutting the springs but when I stood back and looked at the slightly punched front end I liked it, so its staying.

Yes this is the T100

Friday, 16 December 2011

Do you want to see (me) swallow

Five hours in the chair today as usual the time passes quickly the conversation swings from techincal bike building, man sheds and through into Bens mind of which is DEEP.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Big up Nick Chopper

Big up to chopper nick for offering to sort chris W out with the genny, this sort of friendship keeps our world going round, without these friends our builds would be very much harder so Big up to Kev for sorting the bits out for the front end. We don't count favours.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sheet metal fat bobs

Gordie formed the edges of the inner tank side, we clamped them between the two templates and hammer the edges over, get your template rights and the side drops straight in, job well done.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday, 10 December 2011


Madam A some how managed to con me into buying two Christmas trees, not sure how that happen, on the way we stopped by Ben's to set the scene for next weeks sessions, just when I thought we had a plan Ben throws the curve ball and says why don't we do the other side, this just blows me, I'm not a bad sketcher but I'm no tattooist, and the two are worlds apart, as we talk about the left hand arm and shoulder the conversation gets quicker as we bounce ideas around, as we start to cool down and stand chattering he hands me "closer to the edge" and we finish the conversation as always about bikes....we're passionate people not just about bikes, but work, play, food.....and for me more recently tattoo's, remember its just life....roll on next Friday

Thursday, 8 December 2011

There ain't no scrap in my garage

I'm really in to this build it's a grass roots chop it's a full on Wednesday club build. The WDC isn't any sort of club no patch no t shirt, just a collective of like mind folk with a single passion. Cutting into the old metal gave me a warm feeling from the steel mills of Sheffield ...........

Quality Control

The BM frame passed quality control and was picked up by the Loveless lads

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

There is only one thing better than this

Summer riding

Never wish the time away.. at the end you'll want it back

At last

Back on the blog, been locked out for over a week, couldn't even post from my phone whats that all about then. Work has taken up most of the time but started on the tanks, knocked the filler out and gave them a good work out with the wooden mallet (no bounce ) and the old surface table

Pull all the old sealant out the old welds look good, then on with the templates, I'll try one if the tanks are the same profile, I'll be finishing the wood off a metal thickness smaller, so it can be used as a former.

Got a quick ride to the shops on Sunday before the rain came, so in the afternoon Gordie and me went off to poke sticks at the Loveless Bonnie, which I must say is sweet as

This time of the year goes like a click of your fingers, so its time to order and getting those starting jobs out the way, Chris W tried and failed to weld Tim's frame, but work got in the way.