Friday, 25 December 2009

Back in cyberspace

After a month without broadband I wasnt particularly interested in blogging, so I did some thinking. Why do people blog? fame and fortune? or is it more than skin deep. A window into the inner self? a single journey of adventure that requires no confirmation of success or failure? or may be a return journey? may be we all need to be out there, beyond our comfort zone and to tell people well not actual tell document our life, like some 2000 year old scripture, our adventures recorded frozen in time. The we is not an open we but the circle of more than friends that I speak with party with drink with, you know who you are

Cheers boys

Roll on the spring


loveless said...

that's a bit deep mate, the only reason i blog is so i have some evidence to show the police when iv'e killed dangerous when he tries to get his way with the racer!!!!

Barse said...

Respect Team Loveless!!