Saturday, 13 February 2010

96' a good year

From the Midlands chopper club parties to kent we rode, those mid 90's years were some of the best, the whole of the summers we spent riding every weekend away, the girls and the new borns genuinely happy on their own at home, the lads got really close we rode knowing every move, twitch, every peel to over take on those long motorway rides, flicking out your arse one two three sometimes four, last man pulls out so those in front can over take, staying in formation, stopping for tea in silence we stand no need for words

Its strange so you might think? Tim-Dog asked me , well told me really to get my arse in gear and put some photos on the blog, I've taken 35mm for years starting in the late 80's never trying to take a picture always trying to capture a moment nothing we do comes in a box and it never comes with instructions....always trying to capture the thoughts of friends...good friends... chatting over a beer and a smoke....... like minded bikes serve as our pushing each others boundaries.....helping the birthday boy out of his clothes and into his tent......laying in your sleeping bag sipping tea eating chocolate and laughing.......laughing to the sound of carrier bags......laughing about sweds with snakes....just laughing.....long moments of need for words.....riding like you're close..not a care in the world......for those moments ......

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