Monday, 26 April 2010


Wednesday club hit the sporty full on, welding boy bending the sub frame, this bike has to be right. Long distance euro bike needs a sub frame just under that dam seat . Full saturday saw its back broken, guess what, waiting for bits again.

Pinched from Church of choppers blog, shot in the 80's swedish pan. cool jeans on a real chopper, shame we have seen this style taken and turned into a TV drama, thats a telly drama. First saw this in 80's BSH or may be AWOL. No money for Harleys then rode what we built and turned heads.

Its here the blossom, always a first sign that the bikes are ready, a bit behind this year, so

got the shovel back from Gordies, just a quick on the road job. Love the frame on this beauty, into the shed and dig out the best quick fit parts, a no spend summer ride. Inspired

by local art

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