Friday, 1 October 2010

Rock and Roll years

Classic Kent Trangia Dinner pasta and red win form a tin mug, bottle warmed to room temp using ragged para boots, what ever happen to para boots did all the Bikers(hate that word never was and never will be) wear them out.

Tim_Dog in moody shades cleaning pans from breakfast blow out, another TD bike the ex police BMer.

Wheeler famously boiling the beer can that we found. All the gear set up in front of the Force 10 thats been on loan from Uni since 1987, they did ask for it back but well we couldnt find it :-)

Tim_Dog, Nick and Amanda. Standing after missing the rain, another MAG/Triumph owners show at the Meadows Derby. Nick was a guest at Wednesday Club this week, great to catch up Dude.

Me and Neil at a chopper club party, we arrived late when it was dark, I had no front light and Neil still had his shades ON. Anything for CooL.

Tim_Dogs 750 fat tracker, Wheelers front wheel from the bonnie, he was proud that it had the original front tyre from the 70s. MAG ride out Notts

90s Bull Dog on my bonnie. Went a few times thats the bikes were worth looking at. I gave my dad the bonnie as payment for building the shed. Actually his back riding, due to a broken sporty.

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loveless said...

fucking brilliant post mate, where did the time go?, love the photo of wheeler and your beemer with the 'chrromme nein danke' sticker on the tank!