Sunday, 9 January 2011

Wednesday Club Day out

So the wednesday family outing to Newark jumble, Welding boy, Dr Gearhead, Fecking Gordie and me. When I was running triumphs in the 80s there were jumbles every weekend and you didnt have to travel far to get what you wanted, all good second hand parts. If you wanted new you went to Wilemans. These days there is lots of junk and sunday market stuff. I picked up a few bits which covered the entrance fee

I spotted the matchy and knew straight way whos it was, and sure enough we bumped it to Chris and Carl, and spent a good half hour catching up, top guys. Just after we saw the two PB stars, I had my copy to get it signed, but Tim_Dog was too focused on buying stainless bolts, may be another time.

Dr Gearhead looking over a period perfect speed twin, didnt ask the price, but it was all there and running, nice buy for someone, I'd have to run it as found or may be a little bit of Mr hacksaw!

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