Thursday, 7 April 2011

new and old and OCD

out again tonight back home along the ring round between then cars and up to the red lights who should be across the other side of the lights but ben stand up and give him the finger and get one back lights change and away in opposite directions i spin around in the middle of the traffic and cane it up the hill chasing all the way slide to a stop at the next lights look around and ben is 4 cars back in the traffic in the right hand lane spin it around wrong way in the traffic and slide it in next to ben follow me to the petrol station he says i cant wait in the traffic and spilt lanes and pull in ben arrives a few minutes later its a very nice bike love the front 23 and he shows me all the little things that bother him he looks and the shovel for a few seconds until he gets an OCD panic attack then we skin out thats way we ride

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