Saturday, 9 July 2011

Adventures of Nick

Nick - ok,2 weeks ago popped over to NCC Derbyshire show ,nice afternoon but didn't see anything to get excited about.Back in the garage to sort the leaking fuel tap.It was leaking from where the rubber hose mated with the tank.Petrol everywhere and then fuel soaked rags stinking the place out.Anyway,get the tank off,grind down 22mm male thread flush.Research to find suitable tap with required clearance.The gap is 35mm.To cut a long story short i got a tap(with male thread 3/8th BSP) and then made an inert for it.Made the hole bigger in the tank and welded it in.Screw the tap in but it only goes about a third of the way.Fucking tappered thread! Borrow a die and run that down it to convert it to a parallel thread.I had positioned the insert so that when the tap was wound all the way in it would face in the right direction.Painted the underside of the tank matt black to hide the welding and other mods to the underside.Fitted the tap,fitted it to the bike (an hour and a half of struggling to get a nut on) and filled with fuel.Oh no ! fuel leaking at a considerable rate.What the fuck.I had tested the insert weld.What a mess,get the tank off and investigate.Turns out the seal within the tap had ripped and a bit of it was covering an outlet hole which explained the dribble when in the on position.The seal must of ripped when the tap was turned to the various positions before it was wet with fuel.No worries i can use the seal from the original tap.But that was ripped as well.AAAAAHHHH!!!!.Next day i phoned the people i got the tap off to see if they could supply me with a replacement seal.2 days later a brand new tap arrives.Carefully removed seal and fitted in tank tap.A smear of special grease and re assemble.Allowed fuel to run through,in all positions and finally fitted tank onto bike in 10 minutes.Re plumbed fuel lines in a simpler route.Dry as a bone and fully operational.At last.Yet another mini adventure over.
Got a new oil pressure switch and fired the bike up,oil light went out and came back on after engine stops.Good.Now to sort the main beam idiot light and look into the non existent charging.Get the bike on the ground,set the front end up and ride!
Later today i will look at the idiot light and suss out the problem,but hey just heard from the mrs,she has had an interview this morning and got the job!Just got to get through 'till october when she gets paid.The future is starting to look a lot brighter thats for sure.

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