Sunday, 18 September 2011


Last chance, don't believe there is such a thing, last chances are for sleepers, not us, it all came together at MFN the old and the new, meeting up chatting, tea, laughing, the rock and blues grodie story going down a storm with Steve and Ben. The 100 year old 500cc TT Indian was a clock makers dream, built to race, a work of art with its black and white tyres

Ben's straw blue pipes reaching the same colour at the same time, just proves that the motor is set up, I've got a lot of time for Ben, I'll look forward to his firm but gentle hand next month.

Leaving MFN with dangerous taking pole, everyone tucked in behind like a flock of geese heading south for the winter, we soon hit the rain heavy rain, at Belper Ben, Steve and co split home while we go on and into the sun finally come to rest at Darley where we actively engage with the classic boys, another brew and home. A most excellent day, another page turns.

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