Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Another Party Part II

Monday, Gordie and I were winging our over to see our good friend Chris, only he didnt know we were coming, his Mrs had arranged a secret Birthday party with strictly no cards or presents, which suits me. I did manage to find a photo of him on the triumph which I put in a frame. As we approach the garage door is up and Chris comes out to greet us is his usual fashion. We stand drinking coffee and chewing the fat, catching up, and looking around the work shop, jealous with the two recent skip finds and sadden by the empty space were the lathe was, sold to a HOGie to fund a chopper project. This brings a smile to our face as Chris tells the story, he reckons that the HOGie bought it so he could say he was an engineer and reckons it'll be up for sale soon. Matchy Carl arrives and we laugh at tales of green lane adventures and the Matchy falling over and denting the tank. We mix with the crowds as more people arrive and finally getting away with promise of summer riding. We shake hands and hug, he means it and so do we, this aint no Chopper DVD, its our life.

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