Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Kingdom for a Shovel

 Tim asked me to put some pictures up showing the history of my shovel, you can look back for few pages to see how it sits now.  Above is a 4 speed frame the best looking swing arm frame there is, well because there are no rails for the rear mud guard, which you make up what ever you need to which ever mud guard you want.

 You can put fat tanks, fat front end, fat seat and make it into a dressed bobber ( please read this tongue in check here) what I'm saying is this is the same frame as above

 And so is this, now with the same 16 back, but 21 front and apes (one frame two bikes)

 Now with 3.5 gallon fat bobs and kicked up rear again same frame = 3 bikes

 And again 4th bike, not cut or added to the frame, steal tail piece and narrowed split tanks

 5th bike ok not mine, take from Hide moto, same frame running 18 rear

You can take that frame run it with shocks long or short, you can run it the struts, but you cant bolt a hardtail to it, if you want that look (and it is as cool as fuck) then you have two options, buy a rigid frame, Tim mine was a Paughco or cut the frame and weld it up. 

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WhitelinePsycho said...

Thanks heaps for joining the conspiracy of emotional, intellectual and logical bullying Barse, really appreciate the effort mate, seeing it laid out like that really does give me cause for much more prolonged and serious contemplation, I never quite tweaked to just how versatile the old shovel frame is, version #4 is just downright mean, who's that gangly big kid in the white tee and pigeon toes in the bottom pic ? What a dork !! Love your work and your trusty, multi faceted shovel Barse, ta very muchly mate, big uppers, Whitey.