Tuesday, 9 October 2012


 Decided to go thro my spares with that sell or keep head. First up front preunit frame loop in a nice shade of purple and a bit of moulding around the headstock.   Picked this up about 18 years ago, part payment of a job I did, there is a little history with this but that comes later. Rear is an original thunderbird from a 56'
 Rear shocks from the sporty, so I suppose I have a sitting chassis
 Oil tank from a rigid BSA £5 from a northern auto jumble, you know the time when you could travel in a 20 mile radius and taken in five autojumbles, 50p to get in and the old three fifty returned loaded with bits
The history of frame..............Notts 500cc Uncle Bunts Trike Q225 AVO...any pictures?

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