Monday, 12 November 2012

I bent my triumph push rod

With the shovel on a SORN and a nice sunny day what should I do? work in the garden or take the nearly legal triumph out for a spin? On a good day I can hear the crosser boys ripping up the mud down at the local unoffical off road track.  So off I go with a flask of home made soup and a cheese sandwich.  With the triumph leaning against a broken fence and out of sight of the boys in blue I settle down to watch the local lads flinging mud. I'm just unscrewing the lid of my tartan flask when "does it go mister" yeah " how old is it mister" 67' "ha ha fancy a race" well...........I wait for the lad on a GP 125 to come round again, and dump the clutch, arse pushed back to get the 12 year old second hand ( thanks Dangerous ) avon to bite in the mud.  Now these are road tyres, at the first long bend I pass the lad and puching the air with respect.  I wait for him at he start/finish line where a small group are gathered around firing questions at the old triumph.  I have a cup of soup while still sitting on the bike, not wanting to push my luck I take another pass with the engine still not finding its rev limit I take the exit to the road just as the bike back fires and goes to one pot....the lesson? know your limits....and listen to your motor

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