Monday, 4 February 2013

Finding parts can be a real arse, it was much easier to go to your local dealer or breaker dig through the parts bin, haggle and come away with exactly what you wanted, now I'm not a Luddite and so are no stranger to PCs, apples etc or to ebay, pre loved (et al).  So when I find the lowering kit for £50 at a custom shop at Alfreton (by searching the net) I'm more than pleased.  I ring them up asking if they are in stock, the man promises to ring me back, I ring again 2 hours later, he promises to ring back.  Later that afternoon I find I'm within ten minutes of the place and so pop in, first the shop is full "harley" nic nacs not a good sign, there is country music blasting out not a good sign.  My man is pissing about putting sockets on a rack, it's then I find out he's not had chance to look for the springs, I encourage him to go and see, he returns with a set from a VFR telling me they will fit, I give him a look and tell him if thats true then why do they have a different part number, he then tells me he can order a set, and well have them by Tuesday, ok let's do that.  Then he asks for £20 deposit, how much are they I say - " £115" is the reply, there £50 on the web page, yeah sorry mate we don't do the web page. I ask him how's business "bit slow" I reply I'm not fucking surprise if you treat your customers like that.

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