Sunday, 13 July 2014

In the words of Nic...... A mini saga !

Eh up,great to catch up with you the other weekend.After I left you, I dropped down through Middleton and picked up the via gelia.Got stuck behind a camper van which meant I couldn't see the road ahead for any distance.All of a sudden there's a big triangle lump of limestone in the middle of the road.Fuck !,I just about managed to avoid a wipe out but hit the rock with the left hand side of my front tyre.It almost had me off but luckily managed to stay on.Half expecting for the tyre to be damaged I was waiting for a flat.Took a right turn at the holly bush pub (now closed) and rode past a farm.Liquid cow shit all over the road,splattered all over,good job I had my visor down.Got home and the tyre was ok but the bike literally shitted up.Monday and I thought I had better clean the shit off.Working my way down that's when I discovered the rock had hit the tyre,bounced off,hit the side stand mount and rattled under the sump.Breaking off a few cooling fins and chipped a load of paint off.5 minutes with the Dremel and a paint touch up and all was well.
The distributor was leaking oil where it bolts onto the engine.I noticed it wasn't quite square.In my obsession to having all the fasteners as cap-heads it was really fiddly and difficult to loosen the fasteners,but,when I did the body of the dizzy moved,throwing all the ignition timing out.I moved it back but the next day took the bike out and it was terrible.Hard to start,coughing,fluffing through the carbs and just wasn.t pulling as it was before.The only sensible solution was to remove the dizzy ,new gasket and sealant and fit hex head bolts.The hex heads would aid ignition set up ,and allow good 'purchase' to tighten them up.A trip over to Stafford to see Nigel the Guzzi guru at NBS sorted it.But it still took over an hour even for him.
Been commuting and loving it.Getting to grips with riding it.The forks move slightly in the yokes and the clutch needs a bit of a tweek but I'm back on 2 wheels ,life is a lot better.

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