Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A pile of scrap, a past or future project? front wheel from a BSA trial bike...BMW frame Norton style rear race loops waiting for another engine..HD AMF 2 stroke tank never been on a project never will BIN. QD rear 18" triumph wheel seen both swinging arm and hardtail projects good chrome SAVE. 18" and 21" double flanged rims from a AJS motoxer, rare as SAVE. Unit front twin leading wheel SAVE the hub, SELL the rusty rim. AJS stormer seat and tank SAVE for future project or EBAY for 150. Ridged shovel frame..................they stopped at the lights, hanging from the monkey bars, gripping the clip ons...sweet tick over and the rumble of the twins...amber dump the clutch quick shift more revs than push rods like, the dream is over with that far away look in their eyes...Many are called few are chosen Matthew 22 alluding to the variety in qualities of humankind.

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