Saturday, 9 May 2009

Called by the beauty of nature and the challenge of the fall they gather on new years day year after year waiting in the cold wishing for the sun. Walking the course for the loose rock the wet leaves hidden holes. C12's D14's and master Ariels waiting to pitch their skill against nature. Every year the course to molded by mother earth with un-paralleled force. To have the power to mold and shape delivers a bitter sweet taste of success to your mouth. The 3am cutting session, waking in the morning with hands dirty with oil, the obsession to continue to modify to build never falters, you see the need in every shape, as you touch and removing metal adding metal. As you walk picking that tank those front pegs, we see these objects with different eyes, its never ours until we have worked our hands into those parts it, we walk the auto jumble in a parallel line to others, all ways moving faster and occasionally very occasionally a rift lets someone else in.

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