Friday, 28 August 2009

After missing out with riding with the Timmy_D and Dave_D last week, due to what now appears to be wore head bearing(thought it was tyre pressure, still temporary fix in place, another reason to do a strip down this winter) a quick back road thrash to The Bath and a walk and we came across this beauty, Honda 125 racer. What would you classify this as classic, street fighter? should we care, why do we always have to give it a tag?. Its a bike built by a guy who likes to be different, fast, stylish. You might question fast, well what are comparing it to? standard bike of the time or a ultra modern 125? Why do we call a 32' flat head a hot rod? it aint fast. Odgie picks on this in this months CC were he asks the same question what is a hot rod, the 32 flat head or the kid down the street tuning the sack of his Corsa. Well to me its the Corsa Kid he's living it just like the guys were in the 30's and 40's.. some time too much talk and not enough riding..............
So classify this Nico's guzzi, what a mint picture, you can feel which way he's going. Nico's trade mark tyres just make it stand out, no conforming here, I'll be glad for the man when its on the road, its a long time since we have rode together and its just another reason to head into Derbyshire.

Just love the bike and the black and white pic, air through the frame in total contrast to the usual crap thats hung on and around the frame.

Proper Chopper? Zeb mid 80's on a 400 4, look at that seat. I rode this bike after we built it and it nearly killed me!!

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