Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Triumph Racers...........................

Upset next door to night during the Wednesday Club grinding session we had the car chassis outside grinding hammering to get the crap off. Boy was he mad, his main beef was the garage door was open if had bother to look properly he would have seen we were outside he said it was like an industrial site!!!!!

These pics inspired again by Loveless, Triumph racer I love this rear mud guard pad set up.

Lovely little? pre uint you can make these really nice, standerd frame, front end with a rigid oil tank and 60s style sprung seat on shcoks. Bantam tank and gold leaf Triumph, running standard 18" rear and non standard 21" front.

Looks like a R65 with mono conversation, no idea about the tank?

Reminds me of my 6T that I rode around in the late 80s!!!! cool as

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