Thursday, 7 January 2010

I believe with the advent of acid

I believe with the advent of acid we discovered a new way to think....deep in its tone and gives me flash backs to MAG parties Kent shows....the first biker(hate that word) rave(hate that word) tent(like that word). At the time it felt like we brought this goa style trance(so dated words) to the bike scene(picture Constables The Hay Way(with a bike)). Like skating at the Malibu Dog Bowl in Notts(which I did, but its so" in "I dont talk about it). The BMs, one polished one ratty(it always did heads in). We got discovered by AWOL(or we discovered them), it didnt matter. Ideas for a radio 4 show were we cooked food from the campsite by two crazy biker types(is that a face) about 14mins into the last song? there is a hidden a track, when you find it for the first time it does your head in. Just like another picture of a polished case would have done.

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