Thursday, 14 January 2010


A Barse_Tim hybrid, this could have been one of my bms inspired by the loveless bm cafe racer, not finished to the fine degree that you would expect from loveless but constructed by may hand. I wouldnt have kept that rear tyre which has loads of depth but has gone flat and rock hard, the sort of wear that you dont notice until spring. You know when the last salt is washed of the road and you push that little bit harder and all of a sudden you find that flat spot. Odgies spot in custom car this month explored why we spend money on tyres, on our daily cars we just want tyres on our projects they have have to be more than just tyres, they can make or break the job. Dont save your money on tyres save it on chrome, it'll not get you home!

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loveless said...

word up barse, i was looking at some photo's the other night that you took outside your shed, mandy, you and me were studying the 650, lovely spring day, tea in hand and little jake, his legs just about reaching the bottom of the tank, sitting on the beemer, dig them out and post them, you have documented our lives for the past 19 years, get them photos scanned and get them on here, you piss me off, wheeler had to go to uni to learn how to take photo's and you have a natural ability, wanker!, i hate you! xxx.