Monday, 3 May 2010

abk BMWs

Tim_dogs famous BMW, one sweet bit of kit, this is one is has just mentioned on his blog. He has been pestering me to put these photos up. But I had really crap Internet this last week. Tim up load them and lets have the full spec.

Le Mans style start, notice full racing beanie and fleece, thats what they wore in those days

And I was riding this, an R65 which I had when a woman run into my bonnie. I needed a bike for daily transport and as with Tims this one came from Ammo. Extended LC bars, bates headlight, home made fork brace, which has been on the sporty. The tank was on my chop and was the one I used on the shovel, rear sub frame one of many. Rear mud guard was in my chop then Tims BMW and I just dug it out to try on the shovel. Those bars were so cool but crap in traffic.

Bad hair day, think it was a NABD rally?

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