Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dangerous rips it up

If Tim had a VW camper it would look like this

Thought the days of seeing triumphs like this had gone

Real moto X bars

You couldnt put a bullet hole in modern glass, this is most likely 70 years old

As the huts marched forward Derek throw himself to the ground, it what would become their last desperate attempt to defend the beach, soon after the chairs were stripped of their stripes.

The classic art deco lines soiled forever my amusements, a chinese resturant and biffa bins, it turned my guts.

The sign was up but no ones home

If Barse had a VW it would look like this

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loveless said...

you fuck me off wanker, i try to form photo's and they are shit and you do stuff like this? don't ever contact me again. bastard.well, ok, you can phone me if there's any decent gigs or you can get me the 15 copies of classic racer i don't have. bastard. [or you can teach me how to take photo's like this], bastard.