Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Great find pants down

Went up to see Le French today at http://www.le-rock-ltd.co.uk/ just for chat, give us a chuck with these boxes he says, as you do I had a good look in before passing them over, I spy with my little.. a set of 70's mids with period pegs, so I put them to one side along with a couple of other nice NOS bits. Bob turns up and we are soon laughing over our European adventures and more to the point were are we going next year. Bobs drifts off, so I get my wallet out, now with mates sometimes you get it for a favour and some times you pay, if you pay you don't haggle that's the rule, if in hindsight the seller thinks it was to much then next time its a free one. If that's true then I'm in for some serious free parts !!!!! love you frenchy

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