Saturday, 11 December 2010

Special guests

Legendary MZ racer (half a season) and martial arts expert (he’s got the tats to prove it) Tim_Dog and is faithful mad miller side kick Dangerous _Dave, graced Wednesday club this week. Infamous in their own village they walk the streets and footpaths at all hours with the sole intention of exercising their dogs. They bought with them the heavy weight sporty frame for another welding session. When I posted the picture of said frame on the blog last week Chris W was mortified to see the welding mark around the plugged head stock so it was rewelded along with two ex-mounting holes. While Chris was busy welding and shaping we cast an eye on the picture frame listing not only the party but memorable event that took place. In time honoured fashion we walked through them all Kent, Farmyard, Park farm barn……….the exploding beer cans, late nights, heavy sessions. The season of good will a chance to look in the mirror and clean your spanners, spring is coming quicker than you think.

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