Sunday, 12 June 2011

Neat holes?

Today was a Dice day, well an afternoon spent sipping tea and scanning thro old Dice. Not looking to copy, looking for a trigger, something to send me into the shed. I got a two hours on the shovel this morning and came back so cold I went in the bath. I pick a handful of the shelf(not in any order) I was inspired, not to write a poem but triggered to bulit a number bracket, I like them side mounted to clean the rear up. What I started buliding was nothing like the one on the Hidemoto shovel and thats the point. I had a broken adjustable which I bent at 90 and chopped the end off leaving the hole to mount to the frame. I liked the writing but wanted to drill some holes to lighten up a bit. Now to choose where to drill......symetrical? no not me!

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