Sunday, 14 June 2009

Origin of the Speices Darwin 1859

Origin of the Species Darwin 1859 a classic in its own right has been twisted applied time and time again by Loveless and abk development of motorcycles to suit the owners state of mind modification and fabrication of metal formed by craftsman from metal images usually without drawing but never without thought from conception on the long ride home to the realisation in the shed to be ridden shown and discussed to be reworked never without change sometimes planned sometimes impulsive like taking the left when we always go right finding new fun never going back like the discovery of the back road always that bit quick sometimes with alittle more risk but never out of control we pay the price and take the trophy thinking of Michael Sandel's Reith lecture this week "Should immigrants pay for citizenship" "Should we pay children to read books?"(1) "should we pay a speeding ticket to go fast?"

(1) Times 13/06/09

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