Sunday, 21 June 2009

Loud and fast

With no one to ride with I thought I would chance by luck and getting in to donnington for the Norton event didnt know what to expect blagged it in for a fiver right from Red gate to the track its jammed with Nortons with no bounds on were I could I went ever where the smell is something I cant give so here are the pictures with thin comments

Broken duke you pays your money and you pays your money!

Mint this is like something out of the 50s mechanic silver soldering Norton pipes with cigar in his mouth I could have spent all day talking

40s Norton with rev counter, swing to 6500rpm mint!!!!!!

70s sticker with Asterlite wheels

Manx Norton mini racer...........................

No starter no weight faster faster

Locked and wired.....

High levels on the BSA

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