Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Card Board City

I can visualise most engineering solutions but sometimes you need that blurred eye view of the world you know the one that looks deeper than the parts you can see the unfinished project you mind working over time to mentally modify the project to finish it in your head then realise it in metal. What I see here is very different to what most see I only share my vision with a few like minded souls who search for the edge. I see 20" cut out the chassis, reversed ally tub with internal roll cage straight four banger with dropped beam somewhere between rod and a hill climber. In my head its already done now it becomes dangerous how to continue to the end to finish such a project any project. I recall last years chops the dream the vision of riding side by side clip on's and monkey bars realised at the three shire by a conversation with Shaun. We admire each other from a far always speaking always having the time the crack and as we always do going back to the BM's a time in the 1990's pre DiCE when AWoL ruled the newsagents we were openly leading the pack not just with bikes but the our atitude not beards and tats but dance music and hats strong bonds which last to this day and can never be divided.

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