Monday, 13 July 2009

More Buxton Tea.......

This is one of the scooter farm lads completely knackered he had been out every 15 minutes since a 11.00am fighting to push his woody rotax to the front of the pack this mans racing he said this is just before a crash two CRFs crashed the first guy dropped in the center of the pack the second went straight the top he at there with in head in his hands, all the racers ran to help pick his bike up.Another rotax with nickel frame and trick seat base wearing maxxis paint work tyres and buxton mud
The loud side of the XR note no foot controls rear brake and gear on the right hand side. Every one walked like mad max left boot strapped up with ally soles
Rolling start for the XR not all had this luxury most had the pit crew(pissed up mate) bump start them

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