Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where does it start when does it end?

Spent some time looking at the BM today not sure what to do with it shame to sell it shame to let it rot got some inspiration from this MDM HP2 then my eyes drifted to the sporty trying to sniff for inspiration my mind wondered back to were it all started

At kent all those years ago these were iron horse days and the moloka? club well time to reflect and drink tea

On the way to the farm yard we met up with TDog and Wheeler on the A38 slip road me on the shovel and Gordie on the Bonny, we arsed it on to the slip road for a rolling start gunning past the others who soon gain speed we rode in formation until the first tea stop only then did we sit and finally engage in conversation until then the was no need to speak we know each other and the way we ride quote TDog when only last week we raced in down the jelly I know were he was I didnt need to look in the mirror kicked it in and he took the bend any less riders would have had an bump some years later TDog was driven to create a 4 speed maybe with the memory of the kent iron head this mat black mother was nearly built and at the last second ripped down and built into the rigid only took the after and some kicking tracks to do it

When does it end ...when we are no longer excited by metal and speed by the challenge of the road or the rock but never never by our age or lack of money

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