Thursday, 16 July 2009

"Shelsley special"

THese are cars? are Shelsley specials they are built with one purpose in there long lives and thats to go up hills fast very fast. I like to read loveless before I put some thing together here. I got to think about our love for hot rods the american sort. But no to worry I'm back on English soil again and I tell you want we do it better again, based on a 1920 GN just mint loo at the v twin poking out and the single head light.
The wasp 1920 2500cc V 4 side valve running chain drive

1920s shot of Shelsley special" known at MARTYR which was driven for many years at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in Worcestershire, England by members of the Instone family. The car was a GN cycle car chassis, much modified and fitted with a tuned V twin JAP engine with a raucous exhaust note (note the guy with his hands clamped over his ears!), quite a lot of power and very little weight.

and here it is competing on the same climb in 2005

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