Thursday, 5 November 2009

Brace of harleys 2005

The shovels looks mint here, not so sure about the sporty, sort of looks like a squawty thing short on legs, it might just be my go faster race pants that I bought for a tenner from the BMF one year when I was really looking for a gear box sprocket for the preuint which I went on having to stop at least 200 times to retime the mag because its just an interference fit without a key which I also forgot so when i got back to Belper I could only get into the garage and had to wait until mandy came home which gave me time to sort thro a load of junk which I swopped at burton bike bits who used to get involved in the classic bike show at burton which was also great until one year it turned into ground hog day and all the bikes were the same as last year

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