Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yorkshire hill climb

On the way to Malham the other weekend I happen by chance to see two vintage cars going up a long drive way, after a conversation with two guys who would have been at home in either Wallace and Grommet or last of the Summer Wine (the early ones) we jumped to the back of thier Volvo for a lift up t' farm. This ally boby purpose bulit Shelsley Wash hill climber was a bit heavy for the mud. This racer appears to date back to the 30's, chassis unkown heavyly modified and drilled to within an inch of its life, the two gear levers where also drilled, one lever for selection the other to change the ratio on the transverse shaft that runs as a axle. Running a 3 pot GN with 2 SUs its road hill climber pedigree was proved by the rear axle a good 18" narrower than the front to aid drifting on the tarmac just mint..................

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