Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pattern part are shit!

On taking the forks to bits I damaged the fork seal holder like the one here its made of two parts pressed together with a seal between. I had to get a 5 foot bar on the stilsons to unscrew it, heat and all other normal methods failed. But I pinched the sides in, so it wouldnt screw back on. I was sadden by this and spent the best part of night reshaping it, but I it would still only go on two turns. So of to Wilemans to get said part not in stock. On Saturady I had a lightening flash and rang TMS 30 minutes later I was on the way back. That night I went into the garage to fit the seal holder in chrome, wat the fk it was never in chrome in the first place, so wat, does it fit does it fk!!!! threads are a mile out. 12 hours later the old part in lovelying fit back to the forks. I fking hate pattern parts!!!

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