Monday, 23 May 2011

ipod I need an app for that

Off we go to PC world to get an another docking station and DAB, so I'm letting the guy think he is selling me one, lets hear it I say and pull my classic out of my pocket plug it in ERROR message, strange we say, pull it out and its red hot, thats not good, plug into a PC I say, off he goes, ten minutes later he's back, you need to update your firm ware, No I dont think so, off he goes again, and reappears with the the manager, " If you want to take this further you will need to make a claim" I look at the manager he repeats the sentence. Now I guess the battery or the hard drive are dead, the classic is best part of 6 years old and has had a rough life. I pause for what seems like a life time. Now I have a couple of choices, number one have a rant at PC world, for what? they didnt break it, number two give the guy a some advice how thats not very good customer relationships assuming that I want to make a claim, why should I educate these people. I take my ipod and walk away, without a word. I leave smiling in the knowledge that the world has good to shit but I'm still sane. Oh yeah had a epic ride on the shovel an saw this VW.

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