Thursday, 19 May 2011

MOT time

99 problems and the blogs just one the MOT the other 98 I dont like mot time it means I have to put all the legal stuff back on, which I keep in a box, with the exception of bulbs and brake pads, in the year since the last mot I have discovered there is a real lack of local bike shops to supply me with bits, I cant get anything I need, its all net based now which means I'm waiting for parts to arrive, then I find that the dip switch for high/low is busted and all my electrical gear is at the loveless shed, sort that out to find the the bulbs I have been sent are the wrong ones, well bollocks, my shed is upside down looking for bits and I'm tits off, the shirt I've ordered is coming from the states and there are no decent bands to go and see, still cant complain too much the weathers cracking and I've been riding ever day or night sometimes both, the shovel is looking a bit ratty so there is a bit more work than I expected, I reckon I've done 6 months riding in the last 8 weeks, I need a steel rear guard to put my gear on, which is also half done, still another week before the mots least I'm riding JUST

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